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EST. 1956

The Bengal Lancers, Trinity University's oldest campus recognized men's social and service organization, was founded in 1936, in Waxahachie, Texas, as a pep club for outstanding freshman men.


With an initial membership of twenty-five, the Lancers chose as their duty the task of promoting school spirit and interest in the student body. Founding membership in the club began with Fred Dickson, captain; Mac Sutterfield, co-captain; and Joe Wood, secretary-treasurer.


Each year the new Lancers were chosen from among the freshman class by members of the previous year. Along with their sister club, the Lancerettes (now known as Chi Beta Epsilon), they led the campus in its activities for over twenty years.


In 1956, the members felt a need for a second four-year fraternity on campus and made the necessary provisions to change the Lancers into this type of organization. In this manner, the present fraternity--Bengal Lancers--dedicated primarily to brotherhood among its members, came into being. 


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